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January 2024

Hello Source friends,

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, but it is a natural time in the rhythm of our year for reassessment and reflection. Same as birthdays and other big life events, it’s a chance to check in – how are things going, really? How did the last year go? How have I grown? What am I proud of? Did I struggle? How did I meet those struggles? How might I continue to grow and evolve in the year ahead? Any of these questions might make a good New Year journal prompt or reflection.

The truth is, when I look back over the year, growth that has occurred in me (the insights, the clear communications I had, the boundaries I set and honored, the healthy structures that have become habitual) hasn’t happened because I set a goal or made a resolution. Rather, those things occurred through an intention to be whole, and slow, gradual actions over time (years, really). It’s because in the best way I was able, I kept meeting the moment with presence and the desire to do what felt true or right for me in order to honor my wholeness.

When we look back at the healthy habits that we form over time, they often occur with little changes, not big ones. And the ones that stick are because they are aligned with who we really are and what we really want. They are slow to come into being, and require patience.

In the yoga tradition, there is a word we reference sometimes that means intention. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word for vow, or resolve. It is an intention that is drawn from our connection to our highest truth. While our energy for typical New Years Resolutions tends to dissipate within a few weeks or months, a Sankalpa is drawn from a deeper place of connection to who we really are and who we feel called to be.

You might be called to create an intention from this deeper place this New Year. Who is it that you really are, and how might that be expressed? And how can that be integrated into your daily or weekly rhythms in small ways?

A regular twice a week Source student told me the other day that she is focusing on her health for this New Year, and one way she is doing that is adding one yoga class a week. I love that simple, do-able goal. Could you make room in your schedule to add one thing that would benefit you? Just one more class a week is a lot more do-able than an ambitious goal to practice yoga every day. One thing is simple. One small thing done with consistency becomes a habit. One thing done with alignment with ourselves lays the foundation for growth over time.

We have a few offerings to help you enter 2024 with intention drawn from your deeper consciousness – from the wellspring of who you really are.

  • Next weekend: Join Tiffany and your Source community for a special half day retreat at the Fircrest Community Center on Sunday, January 14th, 9:30-12:30 to create a New Year Sankalpa. Learn more here.

  • Beginning next week: Join me for an 8-week deep dive into Mindfulness practice with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – whether you are brand new to meditation or if you want a refresh of your practice with a return to fundamental mindfulness practices. This series is online for 8 weeks, Tuesday evenings beginning Jaunuary 16th, and includes a one day in studio retreat (can be online if you are out of the area). Learn more and sign up.

  • For Beginners: Start or refresh a yoga practice! Join Megan for a 3 week New Year Intro to Yoga Series: begins January 22nd

  • Winter Retreat: Be in community and honor spiritual friendship at our last retreat at Harmony Hill under current ownership. Winter retreat with me February 29th-March 3rd. More info here. 

  • Steady Practice: Or perhaps grow your yoga and mindfulness practice in a simple, steady way through your weekly classes. Perhaps try a new class, level, or teacher. View our class schedule here. 

With that, I look forward to connecting with many of you in the studio or online over the winter months. I hope you have had moments of peace this holiday season, and hope you are entering 2024 with ease.

Happy New Year,

Erin Joosse | she/her

Source Yoga | studio director

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