Classes at Source Yoga

If you have some previous yoga experience and are wanting to start slowly, you may consider our gentle and Level 1 classes, which are geared towards beginners and a wonderful place to start exploring the world of yoga. Our instructors are skilled and knowledgeable and can help you with any special needs or concerns. If you need special attention, please arrive early to let your instructor know.

Intro to Yoga

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If you're brand new to yoga...

…we encourage you to pre-register for the Intro. Series that runs every 6 weeks. These 6-week programs are designed to teach the fundamentals of yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness for students who are brand-new to yoga. A detailed description of each class in this series is available.

Gentle Yoga

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If you want a gentle, meditative approach...

these gentle movements and strengthening exercises at a comfortable pace may just be the right fit for you.   This class will help guide you safely through a yoga practice to suite your personal needs.  Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, have chronic physical issues or would like to simply improve your strength flexibility and balance, join us!

Relax & Restore

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If you want to feel restored...

deeply relax with these gentle warm ups and long held poses, designed to nourish, restore, and revitalize the body and the mind. In restorative yoga, we use yoga props to support the body and create ease and deep relaxation. Beginners welcome.

Mindful Yoga

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For a deeper level of awareness...

join this asana class which incorporates mindfulness practice and meditation. You will focus on alignment and breath, as well as awareness of your mind and emotions as you move through the yoga practice. In Mindful Yoga, each posture or each flow between postures becomes a meditation. It is about being present and aware in each moment on your mat and when you step off it into your life. Some yoga experience required.

Level I

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If you're newer to yoga, or haven't been practicing for awhile...

try our Level I classes that focus on basic postures, proper alignment, breathing, and relaxation. These classes are appropriate for beginners in the Intro Series.

Level I-II

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If you're ready to advance...

this focus on strength-building with a slow-paced, flowing sequence of postures will both challenge you and prepare you for more intermediate postures including inversions.  Some yoga experience required.

Active Flow

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To build on Level I and I-II experience....

you’ll enjoy exploring flowing sequences of poses, strength building, and inversions in this class.  There will be a focus on the building blocks to more advanced postures, and there will be variations offered for varying levels of students. Comfort in Level I & I-II classes is recommended. This class is not appropriate for beginners.