February 2024

Dear friends,

I am so grateful that our inaugural publishing of the Source Yoga Journal was so well received. The words and art shared by community members truly reminded me that this path of growing and knowing ourselves more deeply is certainly not embarked upon alone. I am moved on a daily basis by the supportive, thoughtful, and heartfelt community that is Source Yoga.

I am excited to announce that we (editor Tamiko Nimura and I) are ready to accept submissions for our Spring/Summer journal! Here is a little more about the intention and mission behind the journal and how to apply to have your poetry, prose, drawing, photography, or other work of art included. We are so excited to see the wisdom our community has to share.

Source Yoga Journal

Mission statement: Source Yoga Journal publishes writing and visual art related to yoga, mindfulness, and our sangha (our spiritual community). We hope to showcase the work of our students , staff, teachers, and local community members. Our hope is to create and deepen connections both on and off our yoga mats. 

Submission guidelines: We accept artwork, poetry, and prose related to the stated theme for each journal issue. We may request to work with writers on their submissions for the sake of clarity, precision, and space. Submissions may be nondenominational or spiritual, in keeping with the nondenominational space of the studio community. We do not accept pieces that are discriminatory, prejudicial, or hateful. 

Theme for spring/early summer issue: NURTURE.

As spring approaches, we are seeking writing and visual art that speaks to the theme NURTURE. Nurturing involves help, encouragement with growth or development. It also involves a cherishing, a holding something or someone as precious. A few questions to consider (though these are not the only questions possible):

—How do you let yourself be nurtured?

—How do you nurture others?

—Who or what nurtures you? 

To submit: email your submission (written pieces max 1200 words) to Tamiko Nimura at [email protected]

We are excited to see your submissions and to share the wisdom of the Source community!

With care,
Erin Joosse | she/her 

Source Yoga | studio director 

PS:  I have room for 1 more (or 2 in a shared room) at my late winter/early spring retreat at the end of the month. Learn More Here. Take a look below at other upcoming Source Yoga events and offerings. 


About us:
Source Yoga offers yoga and mindfulness practices that are accessible for all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. We offer classes that are guided at an accessible pace, offering the use of props and modifications to adapt movement, and allowing yoga practice to benefit everyone. We celebrate the joy of movement and cultivation of present moment awareness through yoga and mindful practices for all bodies.




Yoga For Everyday People

Source Yoga is a place to simply be, accept ourselves as we are in this moment, and connect with our innate wisdom.

Through the cultivation of present moment awareness through yoga and mindfulness practices, we discover and nurture our inner resources for self-care, ease, peace of mind, and compassion.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities. Join our warm, welcoming community in a supportive and non-intimidating environment.