Prenatal Yoga

Our Prenatal classes provide a space to practice yoga for all who are pregnant. This class offers gentle variations on traditional yoga postures that honor the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy.

This class is a drop in class in our North Tacoma studio.

Class times:

Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm

Saturdays 10:30-11:45am

*Space is limited, preregistration required.

Masks recommended but not required


When should I start prenatal yoga?

We invite you to begin as soon as you like! Many students begin at the end of the first trimester or the beginning of the second. It is recommended that you join earlier in your pregnancy to better notice the benefits of yoga, as well as be more comfortable integrating it into your birthing practice.

What can I expect from a Prenatal Yoga class?

We begin each class together with time to check-in, honoring both the unique and shared experiences pregnancy brings. Class continues with mindful breathing and gradual movements that foster awareness and connection with the breath.  Often included within each class are standing postures, balancing postures, hip and pelvis openers and strengtheners, and an awareness of the ever-changing subtleties of pregnancy. Always included are modifications for varying stages of pregnancy, time for deep relaxation, guided meditation, and sharing together in the sound of “aum” or “namaste”. An invitation to connect to the stillness within and the precious life developing inside of you, yoga is the perfect way to nourish both yourself and your baby.

How many usually attend the Prenatal Yoga class?

Our in studio classes are currently limited to 10 students due to Covid-19. In regular times, you can expect our prenatal classes to be full - depending on the season as we notice pregnancy and birth come in cycles.

What class card/membership should I buy if I want to come on a regular basis?

The best deal is our Prenatal 8 Class Pass for $110. This pass is only valid for the prenatal class. If you are new to the studio, you may purchase the New Student Special - 2 weeks unlimited for $25.

What happens if I can no longer attend classes due to complications with my pregnancy?

We want you to take care of you and your baby so all you need to do is inform us via e-mail or phone call that you will not be able to attend and we will extend your card or membership as needed.

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