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A LONG JOURNEY (and a summer special)

This summer, Source Yoga launches our 20th year as a part of the Tacoma yoga community. It’s been quite a journey. 

True story: did you know that Source Yoga exists because I wanted to have a baby? I had been teaching yoga for a few years in Seattle and was recently married. I started nudging my husband Chris about having a baby, and he wisely said, “we can’t have a baby until you start the yoga studio you’ve been talking about since I met you.” 

I was so motivated I started working on the business plan for Source Yoga the very next day – New Years Day, 2005. Within a month or two, my dear college friend Melissa Paz and I decided that the thought of starting a business was less intimidating with a friend, and despite the many warnings from people to not mix business and friendship, we jumped in, opening the doors of our fledgling studio in July of 2005.

(A word to the sceptics – Melissa and I shared a beautiful working relationship for 10 years until she left to pursue other dreams, and we continue to be like family for each other. So there.)

Luckily, I had no idea what I was getting into when opening our little yoga studio. Much like entering a marriage or having children or embarking on any other long journey, we weren’t quite prepared for the ups and downs of running a small business. And there have been plenty of ups and downs. Though of all the things I thought might be challenges as we moved through the years, a global pandemic was not even on my radar. Phew, we made it through that. 

What has kept me on this journey is two things:

One – the desire to offer something of value to my community. I knew the gift yoga was for me and I wanted to share that. I am reminded of this every time someone shares with me the difference their dedicated yoga practice at Source has provided for them. 

Two – the Source community itself, which is really how it’s possible for #1 to be fulfilled. I could not do this alone, and I am grateful every day for the many vibrant, kind hearted, generous, and thoughtful teachers and students that make up Source Yoga.

I have some things in the works to celebrate coming into our 20th year (I figure why not celebrate all year?), so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you have been contemplating becoming a Source member but haven’t yet, enjoy our summer special. In honor of entering our 20th year, we are offering 20% off of 3 months of NEW Autorenewing memberships.  

This includes All Access (includes both in studio and online classes) and Online Only (includes online classes only) Unlimited and Limited Monthly Memberships*.

Click on the links below to purchase: 


ALL ACCESS Unlimited Monthly: Regularly $115/month, summer special: $92/month for 3 months, then continues to renew at regular price  

ALL ACCESS Limited Monthly: (Max 8 visits per month): Regularly $95/month, summer special: $76/month for 3 months, then continues to renew at regular price  

ONLINE ONLY Unlimited Monthly: Regularly $100/month, summer special: $80/month for 3 months, then continues to renew at regular price  

ONLINE ONLY Limited Monthly: (Max 8 visits per month): Regularly $75/month, summer special: $60/month for 3 months, then continues to renew at regular price  

*the fine print: offer available for NEW autopay memberships only. Must commit to 3 months, after which your membership autorenews monthly at regular pricing. Offer good through July 15th.

I will finish with a bow of gratitude to each of you for your support over the years (a shout out to those of you that have been around for almost 2 decades – there are a few of you!).

With many thanks,
Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director

PS: To finish the origin story of Source Yoga, my oldest child Liam arrived a little more than a year after the doors of the studio opened. My husband was very wise. It would have been much harder to set that dream in motion once a baby was a part of the picture. A special thanks to Chris Joosse, my partner in life, for that nudge toward my dream. 



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