October 2022

Recently I read 2 novels that were written since the start of the pandemic. I recommend both – The Sentence by Louise Erdrich, and Lucy by the Sea by Elizabeth Strout. Two very different books, both by Pulitzer prize winning authors, recreating the early days, months, and the first year of life with the new coronavirus, Covid-19.

Revisiting those early days through these skilled storytellers brought me back to the fear and uncertainty, the confusion, the unrest that arose out of an unfamiliar and unchartered time, but also to the way we supported each other – the small and creative ways we found to be in community. The outside fireside chats in the cold of winter, the long walks with friends, the phone calls and the zoom gatherings. And we can’t forget online yoga!

I have eagerly awaited stories and art to begin to emerge about that time. I find it endlessly fascinating to be living through an era where so much has changed/continues to change for all of us. I have sat back and watched as the world altered, seen it in my own life and the lives of those close to me. Our patterns, our behaviors, and our choices have changed. What we say yes to, what we say no to. How we work has changed.  How we join in community and when we choose to be alone has changed.

I know some people will say life is back to normal for them. My family was just hit with Covid-19 for the first time in 2 1/2 years, so we can tangibly remember those early days of lockdown, as we, currently are “sheltering in place” to avoid infecting other, more vulnerable folks. And yet, I am very aware that we are living in a different world than we were in 2019.

Fortunately, the existence of vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 makes this a much less serious prospect than a couple of years ago. AND – our lives are now set up to operate from inside our own house with relative ease. My husband and I can work from home, the kids can login on their school computers and check what work they missed, we can order groceries and cold medicine to be delivered to our door. I know we have considerable privilege to have life operate this way. But the sheer fact that we can stay home for a couple of weeks and not feel isolated is a massive change of the last 2 years. We know our self imposed isolation will end in a matter of days rather than months.

Right now, even as I am recovering from being sick, I am especially present to gratitude – that my kids have pulled through a hard couple of years, that my family seems to have come through stronger than we were before, that Source Yoga is still here, albeit in a new form. I am thankful that I am able to teach, online and in person, and to gather community in this new way that surprisingly works. Things have changed, but we are sustaining. We are here, thanks to many of you that made it a priority to maintain yoga and mindfulness practice, to support a small business, and to stay connected to community in this way, either online or by coming in to the North Tacoma studio. I am grateful.

It has me wonder: what has you keep coming back, what has you sustain this connection to Source even though so much has changed? Is it the teachers you love? Is it the fellow students, the feeling of community you find here? Is it how good you feel at the end of your yoga practice, savoring the sweetness of Savasana? Is it an essential part of your physical and mental healthcare? Is it glimpses of my rambunctious ginger kitten while I am teaching online? 😻

I’d really like to know. Will you drop me a line and share why you are still here? You can email me, I love to receive notes from students.

If you haven’t attended for a while, we would love to see you. We have a full of in-schedule of in-studio and online classes. Please join us for some new and returning offerings this fall. View our class schedule here. 

I hope to see you in the studio or online soon!

With gratitude,
Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director

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