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September, 2022

Dear friends,

I was talking on the phone with a friend the other day, and after a couple of minutes, I heard the wail of her young child. The upset was that her kiddo didn’t want to stop playing outside and it was time to come in.

I remember those days with littles, where minor transitions were big upsets. Sometimes frustrating as a parent, but totally normal. It provides us parents with good practice at staying grounded and calm while the world around us is turbulent (a task at which I succeeded sometimes and failed miserably others – as every parent does).

Transitions when you are little are really hard. (I don’t want to go inside, I don’t want to stop playing, I don’t want to take a nap!) The truth is, transitions are difficult when we are older, too. My kids (currently 6th and 10th grade) are in the transition from summer break to the school year, from sleeping in to having to get up early, from lazy days to full days. Though they whine about having to say goodbye to the fun of summer, they are excited to see friends, explore new activities, and learn new things.

We as adults struggle with transitions too. Change is hard. We might struggle with a change in a job or a partnership, the transitions our kids go through as they grow, changes to our body or health, or even the simple and predictable change of seasons. As much as we sail gracefully through some changes, others can be more difficult. Some seasons of transition are more turbulent than others and require us to be more intentional.

There are a few things I try to remind myself are supportive in times of transition:

  • Spend time in nature – being up close to the flow of one season into the next can be a good reminder that we are nature too, and subject to different seasons and rhythms in our day, week, year, and life.
  • Seek nourishment – moving our bodies daily, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, taking in nourishing things through reading, listening, through the kinds of conversations we have and people we spend time with helps to keep us grounded in times of change.
  • Take time for slowness and stillness. That could be putting the phone down for a while,  establishing a morning ritual – meditation, coffee or tea, journaling or reading. Taking a yoga class. Going for an unhurried walk.
  • Writing or art making – journaling and other writing (or any creative expression) can help process the experiences and emotions that arise in times of transition.
These are just a few of my go-tos in challenging times or times of transition. I would love to hear from you about your favorite ways to ground yourself through change. If you wish to share with me personally, email me here.

If you need a little more support during this transition into fall, we are here for you, for both in studio classes and online. We are happy to be expanding our class offerings a bit. Some new classes to check out:

  • Sundays 9-10:15am Align + Flow with Christine/Allison
  • Sundays 10:30-11:30am Gentle Yoga with Shari (new-ish – this class is also offered online)
  • Tuesdays 11am-12pm Gentle Yoga with Erin – (this class is also offered online)
  • Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm Prenatal Yoga with Samitha
  • Thursdays 11am-12pm Gentle Yoga with Karen (this class is also offered online)
  • 3rd Friday monthly – 5:30-7pm Special In Studio Relax + Restore with Lori
  • Mondays 5:30-6:30pm Gentle Flow with Megan – newly online (this class is also offered in studio)
  • Wednesdays 7-8pm Relax + Restore with Lori (new day)

I hope the late summer/early fall transition has been gentle for you. And if it’s felt like more of a bumpy ride, I hope you have made use of your yoga practice to help ground you. Happy almost fall!

With care,
Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director


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