September 2023

I have been really enjoying the end of summer. Mine is a late August birthday, so I try to always make this time of year relaxing and slow. I spend time outside and in water, savoring the best of the Pacific Northwest in such a beautiful season. Recently, I have jumped in the Puget Sound a number of times, and felt truly nourished by floating in the salt water, seeing nearby seals and herons, eagles, and all the sea life that is revealed when we slow down and pay attention in this spectacular place we live.

I feel almost ready to shift into the familiarity and routine of fall. Often, I feel like this time of year sneaks up on me. Kids going back to school already? How did this happen? I know many of us resist the change into the damper, darker months. It can be a difficult transition, letting go of the warmth and sun for the cold and gray.

I ran into a student a few days ago, and had a brief conversation with her about the summer to fall shift. “I love change!” she said. Her words struck me – I’m used to hearing the opposite from friends, family, students, myself. Resistance to change feels more…familiar. As humans, we can get quite attached to the way things are, especially when they are pleasant.

What if we invited a different attitude to this upcoming seasonal shift? Could we really love the change that is coming? If not love, could we hold an open space for change to occur? Could we invite curiosity for what’s next? Could we be intentional about how we move through the change in season, in our schedules, in our routines, in the rhythm of our days?

Some ideas for how to be intentional with the changing season:

  • Think about how the rhythm of your day might be different as things get cooler and damper, as the light arrives a little later in the morning and leaves a little earlier in the evening. Perhaps journal about how your daily rhythm might shift as our environment changes.
  • Can there be practices that anchor your day? Reading or journaling or meditating at the start and end of your day? Even a few minutes can be grounding during a shifting time.
  • What movement practices will support your physical and mental health during this transition? A daily walk?  Resuming a weekly yoga class if you’ve been out of the habit?
  • What are things that encourage warmth and coziness as things get cooler? Hot tea, candles, sitting in front of a fireplace, wool socks, a cozy blanket or wrap? It’s almost time to bring on the Hygge!
  • Do you have other ways you embrace the transition to fall? I would love to hear! Drop me a note here.

We have several upcoming offerings for you to explore as you settle back into your fall practice. Read below!

I wanted also to let you know of an offering I will be sharing through a collaboration with Adosa Wellness, an online studio based in Portland owned by my colleague and friend Carol Grimes. 

With Adosa Wellness, join me for a 6 week course, Writing Your Way Home. We will dive into movement, meditation, and writing as mindful practice. This course includes weekly live classes with me, On Demand Content, Home Practices, and more. Read more and join the waitlist here, and be notified when this course opens for registration. If you join the waitlist before September 10th, you will receive a coupon for 20% off the price of the course.

Wishing you an easeful transition in the coming weeks,
Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director

Be sure to pre register for your classes – schedule is updated through the end of the year.

Fall Source Yoga offerings at a glance: 

Yoga For Everyday People

Source Yoga is a place to simply be, accept ourselves as we are in this moment, and connect with our innate wisdom.

Through the cultivation of present moment awareness through yoga and mindfulness practices, we discover and nurture our inner resources for self-care, ease, peace of mind, and compassion.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities. Join our warm, welcoming community in a supportive and non-intimidating environment.