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Finding steadiness with what is. Photo credit: Source Yoga Community Member Susan Shamblin

November 2022 


It’s a roller coaster, isn’t it – being alive during this time? 


It’s true that things are always changing, uncertain, unpredictable. But it does feel like we are in a time where SO MANY things are precarious all at once.  It is a time that is particularly uncomfortable. Our politics, our relationships with others in our communities, the state of our nation, our world, the state of democracy, the health of our planet.  


There is a great image that I was reminded of recently – this comes from Lama Rod Owens, a Black, Queer, Tibetan Buddhist Lama. He speaks about the difficulties of the time we are in, but he does it from such calm, steadiness, and lightness. I feel more grounded and at ease just hearing his voice. 

In a podcast interview I listened to recently, he speaks about our practice being like the suspension on a car. As we move through life, we hit bumps every day. If we have little to no suspension, each bump feels jolting. We might have several jolts every single day that leave us feeling discombobulated. 


We might be feeling overwhelmed at work and another task gets piled on. Our kid gets sick when we are already swamped. We listen to the news of the day and there is another traumatic event. We are at our edge and we have a conflict with a loved one. We feel stressed about money and an unexpected expense comes up. Not to mention the generalized anxiety about the state of democracy that permeates the day to day.  


All of these are the bumps of life. In Buddhist terminology, this is Dukkha – suffering. This is a part of living a human life.  


When we have a steady and reliable practice of yoga and/or meditation, or other self-care and rest habits, we are more able to meet those bumps in the road with some resiliency. If we’ve prioritized rest and care for ourselves, when we hit the unanticipated setbacks, we have already spent intentional time bolstering our inner resources rather than just depleting them. The inner stability that we develop through practice is what supports us through challenging times. It gives us a little cushion through the difficult or jarring experiences that we meet.   

As you might be realizing, we really need some cushion right now (pun not intended, but appropriate). 


I am reminded that this is really the reason Source Yoga exists. We are here to provide a refuge, a place where we can grow our inner resources of stability, steadiness, resiliency, and buoyancy so we are better prepared when we meet the inevitable challenges in life.  


If we look ahead, we will likely see more bumps in the road. Big potholes, huge speedbumps, even a big crack in the asphalt. With good suspension, we will still feel the bumps, but they won’t be as jarring. 


I’d love to see you over the coming weeks as we resource ourselves through mindful movement, meditation, rest, and restoring practice. We have a full schedule of in-schedule of in-studio and online classes. View our class schedule here. 

with care,

Erin Joosse | she/her

Source Yoga | studio director

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