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Why is Source Yoga your Yoga Home?

A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question in our recent newsletter: Why is Source Yoga your Yoga Home? I had some wonderful responses, and I wanted to publish a couple of them here, from two students who call Source their Yoga Home. – Erin

Having done yoga for over 10 years in two different states, with two different studios and two private instructors, I have finally found my yoga home here. With you. There are two big reasons for why this is. One, I have never met another group of instructors who show the kind of respect that you do for what is culturally and spiritually an incredibly important part of my heritage. The grace and dignity with which you treat my existence and generations of my family’s existence is more than I can express. Two, during my practice with you, I become my most authentic self. I attribute this to the care with which my practice is treated. Thank you for giving me the space to become my true self.

– Surtida Shelton

I was first drawn to Source Yoga by sheer location and my need to reclaim my body (in a gentle way) from previous injuries that left me with longstanding chronic issues.   

However, as soon as I entered; I felt welcomed and comfortable in the space. Even on that first day, I felt like I was practicing yoga, not just in a studio, but that it could be my home away from home in a yoga sense. I feel like the Universe had finally put me in touch with where I need to be.

Especially after meeting Kelly!

Honestly, she was the first Yogi that didn’t look like a “stereotypical yogi”. Sporting the rockin’ pink in her hair and her comical and sometimes sassy persona. That really resonated with me (probably because I have a similar persona). That may be trivial to some; yet, it really touched me. It let me feel for the first time that…I could be “me” in a yoga class (instead of my thoughts of striving to be a quiet, zen-like yoga student).

The authentic, genuine nature of all that I’ve met at Source Yoga; be it staff or student, has really brought forth a joy in my life that was missing before. I feel like I am, and will remain, a part of the Source Yoga family.

They say home is where the heart is…my yoga heart now resides with Source Yoga.

Thank you for pursuing and sharing your vision!

Pam Clark

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