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Living Self Compassion ~ A 6 Week Series

Through intentional gentle movement, experiential exercises, contemplation and quiet reflection, we will explore methods together as a community for treating ourselves with kindness.  When we practice self-compassion we begin to befriend  ourselves instead of improving ourselves. We learn to turn  toward discomfort with  kindness and curiosity, knowing things pass and that any feeling of unpleasantness is part of the human         experience.  This series is appropriate for all levels of students. Beginners are welcome.

Melissa Paz has been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. She is a co-founder of Source Yoga studios, a Certified Health and Life coach, and has experience leading both local and international retreats and workshops. She intimately knows what it feels like to experience feelings of discomfort and a stirring of the soul through life’s changes. This has lead her to deepen her studies, completing the Mindful Self-Compassion Series at the     University of Washington and exploring further studies in energetic healing. She is grateful to be a long-time teacher and student and to be sharing the powerful work of Self-Compassion with the Source Yoga community.

“Self-compassion includes self-kindness, a sense of common humanity, and mindfulness.” Kristin Neff

Date: Mondays, Sept 16th – Oct 21st

Time: 6:00 – 7:30PM
Early Bird: $140; Preregister here
Cost after Sept 9th: $150

Location: University Place Studio

Illuminating the Vital Body ~ A 4 Week Series

Where asana is a physical practice that primarily addresses our physical body, pranayama is a method of consciously controlling the breath that addresses our energetic body. Considered the link between body, mind and spirit, the breath provides us access to the areas of the body and mind that might not be fully conscious. Because working with the breath allows us to tap into the subtle energy channels that underlie our physical structure, results of a regular pranayama practice can include clearing energetic blockages, feeling energized internally while also settled, and the mind becoming more  light, at ease, and clear.

In this four-week series we will explore the meaning and purpose of pranayama and learn one of Viniyoga’s basic structures for pranayama, the ratio of inhale, retention, exhale, suspension. Designed to for you to progress in your pranayama over the four-week course, you will have opportunity to develop your own daily practice and experience the value it will provide for you when you do it consistently. There will be opportunity for journaling, conversation and plenty of adaptations to ensure that the pranayama you practice always feels accessible, non-straining and sustainable. Each class will include some gentle movement before the guided pranayama practice. 

Date: Saturdays, Sept 21th – Oct 14th

Time: 7:45 – 8:45AM
Early Bird: $60; Preregister here
Cost after Sept 14th: $70

Location: North Tacoma Studio

The Fabric of Yoga ~ An Introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Member Workshop

The sutras—literally, “threads”—weave the wisdom of yoga into a collection of aphorisms that not so much show us what to do, but how to be.

Together in this workshop we will open the door to these timeless teachings with an overview of the collection’s history and origin, allowing time to dive a bit deeper into the “golden rule” sutra.  Through study and contemplation, discover how the sutras can inspire a personal intention for practice as we then embody our yoga with asana (postures) and pranayama (breath). 

Dress in comfort.  All levels welcome.

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Date: Saturday, Sept 28th
Time: 1:00 – 3:00PM
Cost: Free for Members, Preregister here
      ($30 for non-members on a space available basis)
Location: University Place Studio

Reclaim Your Body with Movement ~ A 6 week series

This 6-week Trauma Sensitive Yoga Series is designed to support self-identifying womxn who have experienced complex trauma or PTSD.

Throughout each class, you will be invited to experiment with movement and breath practices that support making choices with your body at your own pace, practice taking effective action, and providing opportunities to notice the internal experience of moving and breathing.

The facilitator is present to offer predictable trauma sensitive movement and breath options as you explore your own healing.  There are no hands on assists during these classes.

This series is an adjunct practice for complex trauma, and it is highly recommended that participants have a strong support system for their mental health needs.  Participants will be asked to complete a brief intake screen upon registration

Beginners are welcome.

This series is appropriate for all levels.

Date: Sundays, Oct 13th – Nov 17th
Time: 4:30 – 5:30PM
Cost: $90, Preregister here
Location: North Tacoma Studio

Partner Prenatal Workshop

Join Christine for an evening of mindful yoga created specifically for prenatal moms and a partner. 

Whether your partner is your husband, wife, close friend, doula, or birth partner……explore the many ways yoga can bring you closer together as you navigate pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Working together, learn yoga postures designed to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy and prepare for birth.
  • Discover hands-on techniques for partners to assist and support, deepening your connection.
  • Through focused breathing, create space and awareness towards each other and the arrival of your little one.

No yoga experience required. Space is limited to 10 couples.

Date: Monday, Oct 21st
Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM
Cost: $35, Preregister here
Location: North Tacoma Studio

Muscles, Bones & Movement ~ Flow Your Own Way

Even the simplest of yoga poses have a lot of moving parts.  Let’s take a step back and dive deep to make poses accessible and sustainable.  We will unpack some basic anatomy and apply it immediately in a physical practice for a clear understanding of how your individual body works. Learn how to use your hands to adjust your body for direct feedback. Discover powerful, integrated poses that resonate comfort especially around chronically stressed joints.  Explore and enjoy a modern way of moving and mindfulness you can apply immediately – even in your next class!  

Suzanne Hite is an ERYT-500 with an emphasis in study of yoga anatomy with the help of orthopedic doctors and physical therapists. Using simple language, Suzanne creates balanced, precise classes without being tedious.  Through her approach, students tune in to body and mind.  She creates an opportunity to relish in a practice that reduces stress, embraces your uniqueness and allows you to revel in life a little more off the mat.

Date: Saturday, Nov 15th
Time: 1:00 – 3:30PM
Early Bird: $40, Preregister here 
Cost after Nov 8th: $50
Location: University Place Studio