Mindfulness Based Yoga Teacher Training


Our 200-hour yoga teacher training is open to dedicated students of yoga who wish to teach in their communities or workplaces, or simply delve into a deepening of their personal yoga and mindfulness practice through this in-depth program. The training will provide a strong foundation in alignment-based yoga asana and mindfulness meditation and weave the two seamlessly together.

Program Goals

In this program, participants will gain:

  • The fundamentals of teaching a comprehensive yoga practice, including alignment principles of asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology specific to teaching yoga, teaching methodology, classical yoga philosophy, and mindfulness practices rooted in the Buddhist tradition
  • A solid foundation to teach alignment-based yoga classes with assurance
  • An understanding of intelligent sequencing, anatomy and physiology specific to yoga that promotes healthy biomechanics and a balanced practice
  • Confidence to modify asana practice for varying populations, physical limitations, and levels of practice
  • Ability to confidently guide mindfulness meditation
  • An understanding of the historical context of yoga and mindfulness
  • Capacity to integrate mindfulness practice seamlessly into an asana class
  • A deepening of personal yoga and mindfulness practice

Join us for a free and informative info session:

  • Saturday, February 29th, 11:00am-12:00pm at our University Place Studio – SIGN UP

Program Requirements

  • Minimum two years of yoga asana practice and 6 months of personal practice at start of training.
  • Basic experience with Mindfulness Meditation
  • Attendance of all training weekends*
  • Completion of required reading list and homework
  • Attendance at one asana class per week at Source Yoga or other yoga studio
  • Maintaining a personal home yoga and meditation practice
  • Passing grade on final exam
  • Research paper and presentation on topic of choice

Yoga-Alliance-registeredSource Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete an approved training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).

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Focus on Yoga and Mindfulness

The heart of this training is the cultivation of mindfulness — the ability to meet what arises in practice and in life with awareness and compassion — both within the intentionality and intelligence of the physical asana, and through mindfulness practice. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of how to integrate the teachings of mindfulness into the physical practice of yoga. This understanding ensures that their yoga classes will not only promote physical health and well-being, but also facilitate deepening awareness.

We will explore the history and intersection of classical Yoga philosophy and Buddhism, adding context to the evolution of wisdom traditions in our present-day experience of yoga and mindfulness. We will also study the science and modern-day research about mindfulness: how meditation and yoga changes our brain and nervous system to live with greater ease, peace of mind, and compassion.

Join us for a free and informative info session:

Saturday, February 29th, 11am-12pm at our University Place Studio SIGN UP

Source Yoga is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School and upon completing all program requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. With this certificate, you may apply for 200 RYT Certification through the Yoga Alliance.

Source Yoga and the Source Yoga Mindfulness Based Yoga Teacher Training is a licensed private career school by the state of Washington under Chapter 28C.10.RCW.

* Missed classes due to emergency or illness may be made up through private sessions with instructors at an additional cost

Training Schedule

The training is made up of 10 weekend intensives that will be held in our University Place studio.

2020 Training Dates

March 20th – 22nd

April 17th – 19th

May 15th – 17th

June 12th – 14th

July 10th – 12th 

August 7th – 9th

September 11th – 13th 

October 9th – 11th 

November 6th – 8th

December 4th – 6th

Weekend Schedule:

Fridays 4pm-9pm

Saturdays 10:30am-8pm

Sundays 12pm-5:30pm

The weekends will involve both lecture, asana/meditation practice sessions and practice teaching. The program includes 180 contact hours with our instructors and 20 hours of non-contact hours as required by the Yoga Alliance.

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We’ll send you a link to download our application, along with an introductory letter so we can answer any questions you may have. We won’t spam you or give your information to anyone else.

Save Tuition

Early Bird (Paid in full by Nov 1, 2019): $3000 + $200 non refundable application/administration fee

After Nov 1st, 2019: $3200 + $200 non refundable application/administration fee

Payment plan available* according to the following schedule:

  • First payment of $600 + $200 non refundable application/administration fee
  • 7 monthly payments of $400

*To take advantage of our payment plan, you must have a credit card on file which will be automatically charged on the dates due for each payment


Source Yoga has been approved by the MYCAA program which provides tuition assistance for military spouses. For more information and to apply, click here. 

Additionally, Source Yoga will sponsor two partial work/trade scholarships. Email [email protected] to inquire about application procedure.

Registration Deadline: February 28th, 2020

Early Bird Registration Deadline: Save $200 until November 1st, 2019

To Register: Download the application form and type your information in, then return it to us, either via email ([email protected]aonline.com) or in person at one of the Source Yoga Studios. Your $200 application fee is payable when you register.

About Your Instructors

Erin Joosse

E-RYT 500,  Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor

Co-Lead & Co-Founder, Source Yoga Teacher Training

Erin began her exploration of mindfulness in high school when she experienced walking meditation in a class called “Eastern Thought.” Having a profound experience of feeling connected and whole, she began an earnest study of yoga and meditation that led her to her teaching path.

Certified to teach yoga in 2000 through The Yoga Institute, one of the oldest and most established teacher training programs in the country, she began to teach full-time, and began to share yoga as a path to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She teaches mindful yoga, which is a yoga class which incorporates mindfulness practice and meditation. In Erin’s classes you will focus on alignment and breath, as well as an awareness of your mind and emotions as you move through your practice. In Mindful Yoga, each posture or each flow between postures becomes a meditation. It is a physical practice, but embodies the wholeness of your being.

Erin is a Certified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), through the University of California at San Diego, Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute. She teaches Mindful Yoga, Meditation, and MBSR. She has nearly two decades of yoga and mindfulness teaching experience, has taught over 4000 yoga classes and has 14 years of experience mentoring and guiding yoga teachers on their teaching path. She is a student of Buddhism and teaches Buddhist concepts in a relevant and accessible way. 

Rebecca Ray

E-RYT 500

Co-Lead & Co-Founder, Source Yoga Teacher Training

Rebecca’s teaching philosophy is grounded in creative and intelligent sequencing that emphasizes proper alignment and integrated breath work. Her teaching style includes flowing sequences – like Sun Salutations – that build warmth in the body and help connect students with their breath, combined with static postures and longer holds to build strength and increase flexibility. She provides clear and descriptive instructions along with hands-on adjustments to help students refine and advance their practice. Rebecca wants her students to leave feeling grounded, revitalized, and better able to connect with the stillness inside themselves on and off the mat.

Rebecca has been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation for over 10 years and began her teaching journey in 2009.  Her training and certifications include the 200-hour Teacher Training at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle in 2009, the Advanced 500-hour Certification program at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco in April 2016 and the Advanced 500-hour Certification program in Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga with her main teacher Jason Crandell in July 2016.

Suzanne Hite, Anatomy

E-RYT 500

Source Yoga welcomes Suzanne Hite to our teaching staff, bringing her dynamic personality and depth of knowledge to our study of anatomy. Suzanne will empower and educate you through her down-to-earth articulate manner of conveying anatomy in motion. Practicing since 2000 and teaching since 2009, Suzanne had a fierce interest in the bio-mechanics of movement long before she discovered yoga. Consulting physical therapists and master yoga teachers, she changes, modifies and refines her knowledge and suggestions on a regular basis based on updated research. She most recently completed her training to become a 500 registered yoga teacher with an emphasis in anatomy through the Jason Crandell Vinyasa Method.

Christine Hills, Yoga Philosophy

E-RYT 200, Instructor at Source Yoga

Sri Krishnamacharya has said that there is an ocean which lies between atha and iti; the first and last syllables in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Within this ocean there is no haste; simply a natural unfolding unique to each individual.  The traditional teachings of yoga—this ancient art and science that is just as relevant in our lives today as when it first began—is the inspiration for Christine’s personal practice and the reason she continues to share yoga with others.

Christine received her 200-hour certification from Pacific Yoga Teacher Training in 2003.  She is continually grateful for the ability to share what she has gathered from her teachers (and teachers’ teachers….), passing along the lessons of yoga to students of all ages and stages on their own unique path.

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We’ll send you a link to download our application, along with an introductory letter so we can answer any questions you may have. We won’t spam you or give your information to anyone else.