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Thanksgiving Day of Contribution and Practice


For so many of us, Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration, of time with family and nourishing ourselves with favorite foods.

For many of our Indigenous friends and neighbors, the original stewards of this land, this is a day of mourning. Mourning of lost land, lost ancestors, children, language, and traditions forcibly taken. If we are paying attention, we can’t help but acknowledge this history.

This year, I invite you to have this day be a day of contribution and service.

Join Erin Joosse for a thoughtful yoga and mindfulness practice, freely offered. If you have resources to share, please donate in any heartfelt amount to the Emergency Food Network. The mission of Emergency Food Network (EFN) is “to provide Pierce County with a consistent, diverse and nutritious food supply so that no person goes hungry.” In 2020, Emergency Food Network provided 19.5 million pounds of healthy, nutritious food annually to 70+ food pantries, meal sites, and shelters for distribution to families and individuals in need.

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