Postnatal Yoga 6-week Yoga Series | Source Yoga

Postnatal Yoga 6-week Yoga Series


Date: Fridays, March 10th – April 14th

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Join us for a 6-week journey into yoga-after-baby. For birthing parent and infants (up to active crawling), our Postnatal Yoga Series is an invitation to connect with yourself and your baby as you navigate these first few months together. Awareness of breath, gentle movements, pelvic floor and core strengthening, and shoulder openings are integral in each class. Postnatal Yoga is definitely a unique class, following its own special rhythm with the babies’ needs; feeding, changing diapers and crying is all expected and inevitable! More than a physical exercise, this is a time to move your body, engage with your little one, and enjoy the community of others in a new way.
A special time set aside for you to bond with your baby in a welcoming, fun environment.
Come as you are. Never competitive; always enlightening.
Preregistration is required. Must show proof of vaccination.  Masks required in studio.
*Space limited to 8 adults
Sliding Scale Pricing: $80/$90/$100

Why sliding scale? We want our classes and offerings to be accessible for all. By offering a sliding scale of rates, we offer different options that work for different budgets. Equity pricing works if those that have easy access to financial resources pay at the higher tiers, so that those with less access to resources can choose the lower tiers, and we are still able to meet the financial needs of our business operations and support sustainable wages for teachers.

  • Supporting Rate – $100: Pays for you and supports someone who needs to pay at a lower rate
  • Sustaining Rate – $90: Pays for you
  • Supported Rate – $80: Contributes to your participation and is supported by the generosity of the community
Access Source: We are committed to the accessibility of yoga for everyone. If you have a financial barrier to participating in classes or workshops, please email us at [email protected] to inquire about scholarships and income-relevant memberships.

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