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Karen Peters - Source Yoga Instructor

Karen Peters

Karen Peters

yoga instructor

Karen started practicing yoga in college as a way to help with physical pain from long hours of training to be a professional cellist. At a time when she couldn’t hold herself up in downdog, Karen found strength and confidence in practices that focused on the internal systems of her body (organs, endocrine, skeletal, etc.) These experiences led her to train for 300 hours with Embodied Flow, a school of yoga that combines yoga and somatic study. She is currently studying in a 500 hour program with Body Mind Centering to become a Somatic Movement Educator.

In her Somatic Yoga Class, Karen invites practitioners to take anatomy off the page and into our bodies so that we become the subject matter. With an anatomical and developmental focus, Karen weaves yoga classes rooted in self exploration and encourages diversity of experience, interpretation and embodiment. Karen loves playing music with her band, Her Treehouse, and in her solo project. She is happiest outside, on walks, and laying under trees.

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