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Beautiful views and lush gardens framed our summer Harmony Hill Retreat – join me for our fall retreat – learn more here.


Dear friends,

I hope you have been enjoying summer!

I have been trying to savor the activity and social time that summer is, but by mid-August I begin to feel a little impatient for fall, my favorite season. I eagerly await the colors of changing leaves, the cooler days and nights, foggy mornings, and the return to the routines of the school year for my family.

Here at Source Yoga, fall tends to be a busier time. Folks return to their yoga practice after the active summer months. It’s a good time to make adjustments to our schedule and other business items. I am working on very minor schedule changes that I will be able to post soon. Not to worry – we will continue to offer a full in-studio and online schedule and you can be sure your favorite classes are not changing.

I am making some adjustments to our pricing structure (something I haven’t done since 2020 when it was a mad dash to figure out how to price our temporary (ha!) online classes). I take very seriously balancing the accessibility of yoga with the reality of running a business, including the overhead of maintaining a physical studio and offering sustainable wages for teachers. I have tried to keep any price increases minimal, and mostly am trying to simplify the structure to create a more streamlined experience for you signing up for classes.

Please note, any auto renewing membership or class pass pricing you currently have will not change. This is my way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty and support. 

Here is the updated pricing effective September 1st. We have options for ALL ACCESS (includes online and in studio classes) or ONLINE ONLY (if you only attend online classes). Please reach out with any questions you have.



New Student Special: $25 for 2 weeks unlimited

In Studio drop in: $20

ALL ACCESS 10 Class Pass (Valid 6 months): $160


ALL ACCESS Unlimited One Month Pass: $130

ALL ACCESS Unlimited Monthly Autopay*: $115

ALL ACCESS Limited Monthly Autopay* (Max 8 visits/month): $95

*autopay renews monthly/no contract/commit to 2 months minimum


Prenatal Yoga 5 Class Pass (valid for prenatal class only): $70



ONLINE Drop in: $15

ONLINE 10 Class Pass (Valid 6 months): $130


ONLINE Unlimited Monthly Autopay*: $100

ONLINE Limited Monthly Autopay* (Max 8 visits/month): $75

*Online only memberships – choose to pay month to month or auto renew monthly


Again, if you are happy with your current Autopay membership or pass, you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to switch to one of our new passes as of September 1st, let us know.

May you enjoy the end of summer and find ease in the upcoming seasonal transition.

Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director

PS: If changes to the pricing structure does not work for your budget, please talk with us and we will work out an income relevant membership or pass. We want to support all who wish to maintain a yoga practice with us. 

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