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A Time for Creativity and Renewal

June 2022

It’s been a particularly difficult time – being in this country, in this world, in this human experience. I have shed tears these last couple of weeks for victims and families of senseless gun violence, ongoing war, and the continual targeted attacks on marginalized people. The shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas hit me especially hard. Sending my children to school each day since then has taken an absurd amount of courage. Training our children to hide during lockdowns seems like such a futile task, only creating more fear and stress, while common sense gun legislation continues to be disregarded. Like many, I have had feelings of hopelessness, feeling like nothing will make a difference. I have had conversations with friends this last week, and many of us have a feeling of overwhelm and despair – it all feels like too much to take in day after day.  

What I do know is this – we can’t be in this world alone. We need each other. In community, we can hold space for each other’s pain, we can remind each other that our tender hearts are important, we can take small steps together. In my overwhelm this last week, I connected with a friend – a fellow mom that was experiencing the same sadness, anger, heartbreak, and fear. We held space for each other, and committed to taking action together. With her, I am taking first steps to get involved in a grassroots organization, Moms Demand Action. Together, this work might be a little less overwhelming. Together perhaps we can make a difference.

AND – we can continue to nurture ourselves in community. This weekend, I am holding a mini-retreat in the Source Yoga Studio in North Tacoma – a day for us to nurture, quiet, and nourish ourselves through movement, mindfulness, and mindful writing (you don’t have to be a writer). Join me and members of this supportive community for a Day of Creativity and Renewal.   

During our day retreat, we will settle into our bodies with adaptable, mindful, body-based practices – including gentle yoga and other movement. From this place of connection to our bodies, we will find greater ease in our meditation practice, and from the stillness we cultivate, we will write from our center. Through our practices, we will explore late spring – this season of creativity and renewal.   

With guided reflection and gentle writing prompts, we will dwell in an intuitive, embodied, and creative space together.  

Learn More and Register Here. 

Let’s take good care of ourselves, so we can take good care of each other. 

Erin Joosse | she/her
Source Yoga | studio director 

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