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So, we have been hard at work over the last weeks in preparations for welcoming you back into the studios and I am going to be honest, have hit roadblock after roadblock – with timing of reinstating important business items, software glitches, and not least of all, the rise of the highly transmissible Delta variant, resurging of Covid-19 cases, and changes in CDC recommendations. To tell you the truth, my anxiety level has seemed to rise at the same rate as the coronavirus curve.  

“I’m vaccinated.” I reassured myself.  

Most students are vaccinated. All our in-studio teachers are vaccinated. All the high-risk people in my life are vaccinated.  

But…like some of you, my younger child is too young to be vaccinated. Like many of you, some of my loved ones have suppressed immune systems due to cancer treatments or auto-immune issues.  

This has never been about just us as individuals. This has always been about our collective well-being.  

I feel deeply responsible for the community we are holding, especially as we gather in rooms together. With this, I felt we needed to take a momentary pause, to review our Covid safety protocols, take in new information, and make sure that we are welcoming you into our studios in as safe a way as possible.  

We have decided to pause our reopening plan for at least 2 weeks. Our new plan is to reopen on August 16th for a handful of in studio classes. While we know there is never a going to be a “perfect time” to re-open the studios, we feel that doing so right now would be in contrast with what Source has always sought to maintain—caring not just for ourselves, but for our greater community.  

We will begin to gather carefully. Soon we will have the opportunity to see each other in person, being ever mindful of the care we hold for each other.   

In the meantime (and moving forward into the fall) we will continue a full schedule of online classes for anyone that feels more comfortable practicing with us remotely.  

I will write again soon with more about what you can expect for our soft reopening.   

Thank you deeply for your continued support,
Erin Joosse (she/her)
Source Yoga
Studio Director

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