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As we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic with the rates of vaccinations going up, many Source Yoga community members are beginning to be able to venture out, see grandchildren, socialize with other vaccinated family members. It feels like we can finally celebrate the bloom of spring – the moving out of a long and dark winter in more ways than one.  

I am making tentative plans to reopen the Source Yoga studios for in person classes this summer. As we navigate the timing of reopening, mcommitment is to stay grounded in the ethical yogic practice of Ahimsa – non-harming. Getting through this pandemic to the other side requires all of us to work together to minimize potential for harm. I will keep you informed as we make firmer decisions.  


This feels like a good time to reground with our commitments as a community. Recently, the Source Yoga teachers and I had a wonderful virtual meeting. It felt so good to connect, as it has been a long time since we have been able to be together as a teaching body. 

In our time together, we created and shared Source Community Pact – a place for all of us to collectively gather as members of an organization. This pact is a commitment to uphold the ethical tenants of yoga as we explore these life-giving practices together.  

I wanted to share the new Source Community Pact with you, our community of students. This pact is a place for all of us to stand, a commitment for all of us to engage with each other from, and for all of us to do the work of growing our self-awareness. This is a commitment to consciously honor each other, the land that we stand on, and the lineages of yoga practice and tradition that have allowed us all to do the beautiful and sometimes challenging work of waking up to our true nature.  


Source Community Pact 

  • We acknowledge Source studio’s present location on Pacific Coast Salish lands, specifically the Puyallup Tribe, who are traditional stewards of this land.  The name “Puyallup”, means “generous and welcoming behavior to all people–friends and strangers–who enter our lands.”  May we honor this in our own thoughts, words and actions.
  •  With gratitude, we acknowledge the South Asian teachers and lineages who have passed along the traditional teachings of yoga, meditation, and select studies.  May we meet these teachings where we are with an open mind and gracious heart.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate diversity in all.  We come together with inclusivity of speech, action and spirit.
  • In respecting this exchange of time and presence, we allow everyone equal opportunity for shared discussion.  We listen and speak with open ears, open hearts, and actively contribute to an environment conducive to clear, honest communication.   


I hope you join me in reading and reflecting on this Community Pact – it is for all of us, not just the Source Yoga staff. It is a place for all of us to anchor ourselves in the practice of yoga together. We might begin a yoga practice for the practical, physical health benefits, but if we keep with it, we begin to discover that our practice is about much more – how we relate to the world around us, how we engage in community, and how we care for each other.  


With care, 

Erin Joosse 

Source Yoga Studio Director  


  1. Wow I just love this! While reading it I got a little choked up. I agree with all statements in this pact and I am so happy to be connected with Source Yoga. I can’t help but wonder what an even more beautiful world it would be, if everyone anchored themselves with this pact. This is the way to be in the world. We are all connected. Let’s take care of each other. Thank you Source Yoga for being this anchor in our community.

  2. I have never been to your studio and have looked at your web site for years:)
    You truest are connected with a collective love consciousness .
    I just started playing Crystal singing bowls and would love to play for your studio for free once I get a little used to doing them.
    Many blessings ,
    Shirlene Fletcher

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