Yoga with Bodhibabes by Christine Hills | Source Yoga

It is always a delight to simply observe how babies and small children move their bodies and explore their world.  I can imagine that to them, every detail is so fresh, so new–so unspeakably vibrant!—they can’t help but pay attention: touch, taste, wiggle, and discover all that surrounds them.  Truly, a beginner’s mind.

The Sanskrit word bodhi in Buddhism refers to the “understanding relating to the true nature of things”; and sometimes translated into English as “enlightenment” or “awakening”.  The root “budh” literally means “to awaken”.  As a flower bud opens itself up to the world for the first time, so our little ones enter this world with open eyes, open ears, and a willingness to explore with a clear, wide open mind.

In Source Yoga’s Yogimama/Bodhibaby series, practicing yoga with your little one is an unfolding for each of you—moving and stretching your own body, you allow yourself the space to awaken parts of you that may have been a bit dormant—you’ve been spending every waking moment nurturing your baby!  As you move through specific yoga postures, focused breathing, and mindful awareness, you are better able to be present with your child—both on and off the mat.  You learn ways to share this love of yoga with your baby in a natural, organic way, and is safe for the vulnerable areas still residing in your own body.  Gathering with other moms during this season of life, sharing your week’s equal moments of grace and disasters, and allowing your baby to explore yoga with you in a relaxed, welcoming community of other women and babies.  A real-life manifestation of the essence of yoga.

If your bodhibabe is a mover & shaker (movers through age 4), Source’s Wee One’s series offers a fun, creative space for them to discover the wonders of yoga.  Through movement (yes, actual yoga postures!), singing bowls, stories, and song, we travel on adventures and journey through the practice of yoga together.  Exposing children at an early age to yoga movements, gestures, and language will guide them into their own explorations as they grow.  Adults in the class are able to move their own bodies, and together with their little one learn ways to practice yoga at home throughout the week.  Wee One’s provides a space filled with song and movement, kindness and self-discovery, imagination and smiles.

So whether your bodhibabe is a newborn or school is just around the corner, Source invites you to explore yoga together, deepening your own practice while sharing the joys of mindful movement with your little one.  An awakening is bound to surface!


Yogaimama I Bodibabe for Mamas and their littles under 1: Tuesdays 11:15am-12:30pm beginning Nov. 8th THIS SERIES IS SOLD OUT

Wee One’s Yoga Series for movers 1-4 and a parent or caregiver: Thursdays 11:30am-12pm beginning November 10th

Join us with your bodhibabe in our classes forming now! Each class is a 6 week series. Classes fill up! Sign up here. 


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