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A Roadmap to Practice

I had one of my mindfulness teachers recently ask me a wise question. She asked “what does your practice of mindfulness provide for you?” I sat for a moment and reflected, let myself get quiet so I could listen, and here is what came to me.

Two things arose. One was that I practice mindfulness for ease of being. Life happens. Great things, and challenging things, and many mundane day to day things. And my mindfulness practice helps me to respond to whatever life brings from a place of steadiness, and that brings an ease of being. The other thing that arose for me was that mindfulness practice helps me to unravel the barriers to my true, authentic self. So in simple words, I practice for ease of being, and to know my authentic self.

“Great,” she said, “these are your intentions in practice. These are the things that can help guide you and choose practices that are true for you.”

My teacher offered that as I make choices on my path, I can use my intentions as a roadmap. I can ask myself, does this choice in front of me provide ease of being for me? Does it bring me closer to my authentic self? I can apply this to questions like what kind of yoga practice is best for me right now? What kind of practice brings me closer to my intentions? And what daily practices will support me as well? For me it is daily morning meditation, and gentle movements that support my body’s well-being.

And I can even apply it to other choices – do I want to go out with friends or do I want an evening at home? Do I want to say yes to a request made of me, does that support my intentions? And how can I communicate in a way that supports me on my path? There is no right answer, and no fixed answer. Simply: what brings me ease of being and closer to my authentic self in this moment?

You can look for yourself. Sit quietly for a moment, and ask yourself – what does my practice (yoga, meditation, spiritual practice) provide for me? What is my intention in practicing? And then you can use this intention as a roadmap and a guide for you along your path.


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