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Samitha Hendrickson

Samitha Hendrickson

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In 2005 I took my first yoga class and I remember thinking to myself that I could be an instructor too.  I began attending classes sporadically and didn’t really pursue or even think about the idea of becoming an instructor for a while until 2014.  One day a friend of mine suggested I do the yoga teacher training through Three Trees Yoga.  And because I had resigned from being a public school teacher, I thought to myself “why not” and wrote the check and began the training not knowing what I was getting into.  The training was wonderful to say the least.  It stretched my body, mind, and soul when I needed it the most.  It was the support I needed through my challenging transition period in my life. Thus, I am certificated in Hatha yoga and have 6 years of teaching experience in teaching vinyasa and restorative style of yoga classes. After I finished the training I was hired at the YMCA right away. I love my students and my belief in yoga being more than just a physical practice has increased immensely. I like encouraging people to find peace in life through movement and internal reflection. I am honored to share my experience from the teacher with others

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