What’s coming up at the studios?

Partner Prenatal Workshop

Join Christine for an evening of mindful yoga created specifically for prenatal moms and a partner. 

Whether your partner is your husband, wife, close friend, doula, or birth partner……explore the many ways yoga can bring you closer together as you navigate pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Working together, learn yoga postures designed to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy and prepare for birth.
  • Discover hands-on techniques for partners to assist and support, deepening your connection.
  • Through focused breathing, create space and awareness towards each other and the arrival of your little one.

No yoga experience required. Space is limited to 10 couples.

Date: Monday, Oct 21st
Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM
Cost: $35, Preregister here
Location: North Tacoma Studio

Autumn Ayurveda + Yoga Practices: A 3 Week Series

How often do we stop to reflect on seasons, and their effect on our bodies and minds? Adjusting our routines and lifestyle choices with the changing seasons is the simplest way to maintain our well-being. The focus of this series is staying healthy through Autumn, which brings cooler temperatures, but also a dry, lightness and a quickened energy of movement and change. These shifts occur within us just as they do in nature. When we attune to the season, we prevent imbalances that lead to illness or toxic buildup. Through the healing systems of Yoga and Ayurveda, we will explore various ways to keep the season’s dominant energy, Vata dosha, in balance and help you rediscover your body’s innate wisdom.
Week 1: Discover Ayurveda – Explore the nuts and bolts of the ancient practice of Ayurveda, the holistic healing science for the body – sister to Yoga’s healing science for the mind. Dive into the doshas and other foundational concepts that are key to a personalized, preventative approach to optimal health.
Week 2: Seasonal Practices – Sona will share what inspires her seasonal rhythms and guide you through simple but effective daily rituals (dinacharya), plus key diet and lifestyle changes for the season. You will learn how to recognize imbalances associated with seasonal changes in relationship to your individual constitution, and take home tools so that you can stay steady and radiant in the face of change.
Week 3: Asana & Pranayama – Experience the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga in your being through a grounding flow practice blended with deep stretch and relaxation, a healing balm for the soul that will leave you with a lasting calm and ease. Gentle assists and aromatherapy will be incorporated at key points during the session so you feel nurtured and replenished.
This series is appropriate for all levels. Beginners are welcome!


Date: Mondays, Nov 4th – 18th
Time: 6:00 – 7:30PM
Early Bird Price: $70 until 10/21, Preregister here
Price after 10/21:  $80
Location: University Place Studio

Muscles, Bones & Movement ~ Flow Your Own Way

Even the simplest of yoga poses have a lot of moving parts.  Let’s take a step back and dive deep to make poses accessible and sustainable.  We will unpack some basic anatomy and apply it immediately in a physical practice for a clear understanding of how your individual body works. Learn how to use your hands to adjust your body for direct feedback. Discover powerful, integrated poses that resonate comfort especially around chronically stressed joints.  Explore and enjoy a modern way of moving and mindfulness you can apply immediately – even in your next class!  

Suzanne Hite is an ERYT-500 with an emphasis in study of yoga anatomy with the help of orthopedic doctors and physical therapists. Using simple language, Suzanne creates balanced, precise classes without being tedious.  Through her approach, students tune in to body and mind.  She creates an opportunity to relish in a practice that reduces stress, embraces your uniqueness and allows you to revel in life a little more off the mat.

Date: Saturday, Nov 15th
Time: 1:00 – 3:30PM
Early Bird: $40, Preregister here 
Cost after Nov 8th: $50
Location: University Place Studio

Restore & Renew for the Holidays

Members Only Workshop

Restorative yoga encourages a centered and peaceful mind. Using props to support the weight of the body, we allow for a deep sense of ease to envelope us completely. As we allow our bodies to melt into passive yoga asanas our nervous system shifts and we enjoy the benefits of completely relaxing, allowing the body to restore, renew and rejuvenate.

Following our Restorative practice we shift from our gentle movement and holding postures to Yoga Nidra, which means “yogic sleep”. 

Yoga Nidra is a paradigm shift that allows us to drop beneath the mental and emotional      activity of the mind to a state of deep consciousness that promotes extreme relaxation by using guided words and imagery all while in a deeply relaxing posture.  This offers a space to explore what you need in the moment, as well as an opportunity to release long-held emotions just by being guided. Nothing to do, nothing to think, just allowing yourself to rest while listening.

Both Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra can be highly beneficial in times of fatigue, illness, and emotional strain including those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Practitioners say they have experienced profound sense of joy and well-being well after the class has ended.


Date: Saturday, Dec 14th
Time: 3:00 – 5:00PM
Cost: Free for Members; preregistration required

Location: University Place Studio

Creating Safer Spaces

An Introduction to Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This training is a professional training designed for yoga teachers, social workers, educators, mental health professionals, and other service providers interested in deepening their understanding of the impact of complex trauma on the nervous system and how a trauma informed yoga practice can assist in integrating healing. Individuals completing this training will learn the impact of long term trauma on the brain, body, and relational dynamics, how systems of oppression contribute to collective trauma, and specific tools to integrate a trauma informed lens into current professional practices based on these understandings. 

TCTSY is an evidence-based adjunctive treatment for complex trauma and treatment-resistant Post traumatic Stress Disorder and was the first yoga practice to be listed on the SAMSHA’s US-based directory of evidence-based practices. It was developed in collaboration with the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts and is the foundational program of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute. This body-based practice based on sound research is utilized with children, youth, and adults throughout the United States and in dozens of countries around the world. This 20-hour training qualifies as the prerequisite for the 300-hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga certification program.

You do not need to be a yoga teacher or a licensed professional to attend this training. Although this training is conducted professionally through a trauma-informed lens with compassion and care to the content discussed, developing skills and building collective resilience may be potentially draining or triggering for some. Please be prepared with a self-care plan and network of support for our weekend together.  

*A portion of your weekend training fee will go into a scholarship fund supporting people who have experienced oppression and trauma to complete the 300-hour certification program. Thank you for your  support.*

Alli Ewing is a yoga teacher and trainer passionate about empowering people to discover their own ability to find healing and connection from within. She was inspired by her background in Special Education, her Peace Corps service as a Health Education Volunteer in Tanzania, and work with youth in foster care to integrate methodologies that promote and empower individualized healing. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Taoist Yoga and has completed her 300-hour advanced teacher training in Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga – an evidence based methodology developed specifically for facilitating yoga with individuals who have experienced chronic abuse, neglect, and PTSD. She has been offering trainings in the States and internationally since 2010. Alli has additional experience teaching yoga with children with special needs, refugees, pre/postnatal/birth trauma, and youth in residential treatment and foster care.

Date:  Friday, Jan 31st 4-9p
           Saturday, Feb 1st 11a-8p
           Sunday, Feb 2nd 12-6p
Early Bird:  $325 (before Jan 17th), Preregister here
Late Pricing: $350 (after Jan 17th)
   **2 Scholarships Available**
Location: University Place Studio

 20 hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours Available