2017 Harmony Hill Weekend Yoga and Mindfulness RetreatHarmony Hill May 20th – May 21st

Your Weekend: During your weekend, you will enjoy a balance of scheduled and unscheduled time, including guided yoga and meditation practices, as well as time to rest, hike, nap, read, and connect with community. We will begin Saturday at 10am, and complete Sunday by 1pm.

Mindful Yoga Practice:  In Mindful Yoga, each movement becomes a meditation and an opportunity to cultivate awareness moment by moment. You will enjoy both active and restoring yoga classes. Classes will be at a Basic Level.

Mindfulness Meditation: You will be guided through periods of mindfulness meditation, including sitting and walking meditation. An optional morning and evening meditation will be offered, as well as meditation in our yoga classes.

Silence: You will experience periods of silence as a part of your weekend. This is not a silent retreat, so there is also the opportunity for connection to a vibrant community. A period of silence can help the mind rest, providing a foundation of deep stillness.

Mark your calendar for 2017!