Journeying With Grief: A Communal Space for Healing and Resilience with Kate | Source Yoga
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Journeying With Grief: A Communal Space for Healing and Resilience with Kate


Date: Saturday, 3/27/2021 From: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm PST; Online via zoom

“Hope swings on the hinges of imagination and grief.” –Brittany Deininger
Grief can seem so enormous and overwhelming that we do all we can to hold it out. Grief can be unrecognizable, overlaid by anger, exhaustion or numbness. Grieving can be a deeply isolating experience, and none of us can truly know the true nature of grief each other carries. However, within a strong enough container, grief has a chance to flow, making room for healing. In this practice we explore the tender spaces of losses large and small, new and old, that our bodies, hearts and minds still carry. Though we may not be able to do much to alleviate the grief of another, this is a practice of walking with each other on parallel paths through grief.
This session will be an experiential and ceremonial dive into the felt sense of grief, a practice of locating it in our bodies, naming it for ourselves with loving witnesses, and metabolizing it for our own and collective healing. Drawing on inter-spiritual practices across various traditions, energy medicine, and somatic awareness, Kate will support you in building the skills to gently enter into your own places of grief with courage, kindness, self-acceptance and connection to deeper resources. The session will be a mixture of guided meditation, gentle movement, singing, interspiritual prayer and contemplative conversation. Bring your personal loss, recent or old; or collective, ancestral, or global griefs that are heavy on your heart. You will not be asked or required to share any details of your particular experience of grief or loss; however you will have the option to share in general about your experience and how you are processing.
Kate Fontana (she/her/hers) believes that healing at the personal level is inseparable from healing at the interpersonal, systemic, and planetary level. She is co-founder and steward of The Sanctuary Northwest, a center for trauma resilience, spiritual wellness and cultural healing. Kate has practiced yoga since 2002 and has been teaching yoga since 2009. More recently, she has sought the integration of embodiment, spirituality, and racial justice work through training and being mentored in the emerging trauma-informed field of Cultural Somatics with Tada Hozumi and dare sohei. She is also a seminarian at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, discerning a call to the priesthood with the Roman Catholic Women Priests.
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