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21 Day Yoga Commitment with Lori Ferry


Date: Tuesdays, July 6 – 27th, 6:30-8:00pm PST; Online via zoom

21 days of Summer Yoga





Begin Again with 21 days of Summer

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it! That’s it. Begin. Begin. And, then, begin again. It’s about the process of beginning again and again along the path. Gathering up our attention with intention… each new day. We don’t know what will greet us, sun or rain, health or sickness, love or loss, but, we begin again and again.

The first word in Patanjali’s yoga sutras is Atha, which often is translated as readiness, commitment and more often known as “now”.

We will meet each Tuesday in July for a 90 minute yoga practice incorporating Mindfulness Meditation, Self Reiki/Energy Healing, Brief Review and a gentle yoga practice. You will be supported to continue your commitment at home with a weekly practice guide hand-out.

Connect with a wonderful community of other dedicated yogis where we accept each other just as we are.

Cost: $30/$45/$60 

Access Source: We are committed to the accessibility of yoga for everyone. If you have a financial barrier to participating in classes, please email us at [email protected] to inquire about scholarships and income-relevant memberships. 

Yoga For Everyday People

Source Yoga is a place to simply be, accept ourselves as we are in this moment, and connect with our innate wisdom.

Through the cultivation of present moment awareness through yoga and mindfulness practices, we discover and nurture our inner resources for self-care, ease, peace of mind, and compassion.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities. Join our warm, welcoming community in a supportive and non-intimidating environment.