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De-Stress and Re-Connect with Movement with Shari Larson


A Workshop About the Vagus Nerve

with Shari Larson

Date: Sunday, 1/31/2021 From: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

We all know that stress can create tension in the neck and shoulders but did you know that tension can also prevent you from experiencing social connection? 2020 was a year full of stressor after stressor and this relenting state can not only have a negative impact on how you feel in your body – from the level of pain you experience to how easily you get sick or injured but your ability to feel bonded to those around you. The external stressors are not going away but in this workshop we will learn to unravel the stress we carry and allow our nervous system to find a better balance.

Cranial Nerve X is the Vagus nerve, called the wandering nerve because it branches and touches parts of the body from the face down through the colon. That gut sense? Thank the Vagus nerve. Notice someone laugh or smile but it doesn’t quite make it up to the eyes, the Vagus nerve.

In this workshop we will learn how we can stimulate our vagus nerve to help reduce the amount of stress we are feeling, the impacts of that stress on the physical body and how we can increase our sense of social connection.

All bodies welcome!

Cost: $25/$35/$45

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