Day of Creativity and Renewal ~ A One Day In Studio Mindful Writing Retreat with Erin Joosse | Source Yoga

Day of Creativity and Renewal ~ A One Day In Studio Mindful Writing Retreat with Erin Joosse


Date: Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: Source Yoga North Tacoma: 2712 N 21st St.

Join Erin Joosse in welcoming late spring/early summer – a season of activity and creativity with an in-studio retreat experience, bringing movement, meditation, and writing together. We will gather in community through a nourishing retreat experience in our intimate Source Yoga Northend studio, and you will be guided through mindful, somatic practices and contemplative writing.  

You don’t have to consider yourself a writer to participate. Writing can be a part of contemplative practice, a place where you can be fully present, responsive to the moment, curious and exploring your inner experience. When we write with presence, it is meditation, it is listening, it is hearing the small voice inside, it is discovering yourself and your innermost knowing.  

During our day retreat, we will settle into our bodies with adaptable, mindful, body-based practices – including gentle yoga and other movement. From this place of connection to our bodies, we will find greater ease in our meditation practice, and from the stillness we cultivate, we will write from our center. Through our practices, we will explore late spring – this season of creativity and renewal.  

With guided reflection and gentle prompts, we will dwell in an intuitive, embodied, and creative space together. 

“Writing too can be a meditation, a time when we simply allow ourselves to observe and become curious about where those observations lead us. We allow the noise of the day to subside in order to hear a deeper voice – one that is always present but often muted – and sometimes all it takes is a simple “call to action” to bring this voice forward.” – Brenda Miller, The Pen and the Bell 


Please Bring: 

lunch for yourself (no access to fridge or microwave) 


Whatever props/items would have you feel comfortable seated and writing (camping chair, small folding table, extra cushion, etc…) All studio props are available for your use 

Please Note:  

Space is limited to 12, Masks are recommended 


Sliding Scale*: $50/$75/$100 

Why sliding scale? We want our classes and offerings to be accessible for all. By offering a sliding scale of rates, we offer different options that work for different budgets. Equity pricing works if those that have easy access to financial resources pay at the higher tiers, so that those with less access to resources can choose the lower tiers, and we are still able to meet the financial needs of our business operations and support sustainable wages for teachers

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