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Ayurveda: Aligning with Autumn ~ A 4 Week Series with Sona Buchanan


Date: Tuesdays, 10/5 – 10/26/2021 From: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST; Online via zoom

In a series of seasonal offerings, we will explore in community the ancient practice of Ayurveda—the holistic healing science for the body. The aims of Ayurveda and Yoga are the same—to offer us a path to self-discovery and optimal health.


Autumn can be a glorious season characterized by a quality of transition and change. Along with the beautiful colors of changing leaves, we often find ourselves mentally inspired and seeking to engage with our personal passions and hobbies. Many of us also experience a natural desire to ground and nourish ourselves. After the freewheeling days of Summer, we may begin to crave a regular routine once again, and this is key in helping us to balance the cool, dry and light energy that comes with Vata season .


Ayurveda, meaning “wisdom of life,” provides us with an elegant understanding of the interplay between our body, mind and spirit as well as a way of living skilfully and in harmony with nature’s pulse. Each series will explore the theory and practical applications of Ayurveda and the important tools it provides to navigate all the changes life has to offer. Sona will guide you through how to optimally adjust your diet, movement and lifestyle practices with each season and for your unique constitution, so that you feel nurtured, balanced and embodied within your deep relationship to nature.


In addition to the live weekly classes that include guided lectures and community conversation, registrants to this program will have access to a pre-recorded Introduction to Ayurveda video lecture, vata balancing yoga and pranayama, seasonal food recipes and a collection of handouts.


Yoga Teachers may receive 6 CE’s through Yoga Alliance.


Sliding Scale Pricing: $75/$110/$140


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