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Sona Buchanan

Sona Buchanan

yoga instructor

Sona is a passionate yoga educator and facilitator with roots in Gujarat, India. Sona’s yoga journey began during her formative years, with bedtime stories that were yogic texts, morning worship (puja) accompanied by chanting of mantra, daily ayurvedic rituals and the discipline and devotion (kriya yoga) gained from years of studying Indian folk and classical dance. In 2004, she began a hatha yoga practice to balance the intensity of being a college student and dancer.


Sona received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Anthropology from New York University. Prior to teaching yoga full-time, she worked in child psychology, design, marketing and management. She completed her 200 hr teacher training at Kripalu Yoga and her 300 hour advanced training at 8 Limbs Yoga Center. She has offered yoga education for 13 years and led yoga teacher training nationally for the last 5. In Sona’s yoga classes, you will find reverence and exploration, anchored in breath and woven together by functional and flowing movement. The intention is always to build vitality and resilience but ultimately, it is remembrance, or coming home. Sona seeks to honor her heritage and the roots of yoga while holding space and meeting students as they are, both in their humanness and beingness.

Her ancestral teachings combined with the lived experiences of growing up in a brown body in the South, learning to thrive after complex childhood trauma and becoming a military spouse have all shaped her deep interest in intersectionality, trauma and social justice.


Sona has additional experience in teaching trauma-informed yoga, bhakti yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, pre/postnatal yoga and Thai yoga bodywork. Sona feels compelled and inspired to uphold and share these practices in a way that is accessible to everyone while advocating for inclusivity and equity in yoga spaces and the greater community.


Sona currently lives on native Hawai’ian lands with her husband and pup.

You can find out more about Sona here.

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