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Miranda Knox

Miranda Knox

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Miranda has been an on and off again Yoga Teacher since 2007. Clearly, there’s something to this practice. Teaching is sometimes her full time job, sometimes not, but it’s always the way she finds community. Her original teachers were in San Diego, CA where she used to live. Then, she traveled to Costa Rica to study yoga. She’s completed 200 hour trainings in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and most recently began training in the Baptiste style in 2017. One of her favorite teachers is Katelin Gallagher who teaches Shamatha meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Miranda’s style of teaching has come full circle from vinyasa to gentle yoga to an eclectic, accessible to most, flow yoga again. In class Miranda likes to bring humor, kindness, presence and the option for self study. Her intention is to offer a tool of healing to others. Outside of class Miranda is a Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, newlywed, and mom to a little girl and two dogs.

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