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Liza Higbee-Robinson

Liza Higbee-Robinson

yoga instructor


Liza is a Pacific Northwest-grown yoga practitioner and asana instructor. She experiences yoga as a creative, generative, and healing practice that opens the channels for us to live from a place of interconnection and wholeness. She began her practice as a college student over a decade ago and became a teacher in 2014 after completing immersions and teacher trainings in a variety of styles, including Anusara, Rishikesh Hatha, and Baptiste. Since that time, Liza has remained a dedicated student of yoga and mindfulness practices, and has integrated techniques and insights from philosophy and asana intensives and trainings in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, pre- and post-natal yoga, trauma-informed yoga, yin yoga, subtle body energetics, functional anatomy, and creative sequencing. In 2020, Liza joined the core faculty of a teacher training program in Bellingham, Washington, where she currently resides. Liza also mentors new and emerging teachers, tailoring each mentorship to the specific goals of each teacher. In March of 2022 Liza completed credentialing through Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

Liza is elated to return to Source Yoga, her studio home in Tacoma, and teach remotely through the studio’s virtual platform! Liza’s offerings reflect her reverence for yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition with origins in South Asia, her love of creative sequencing, her commitment to a functional, stabilizing approach to asana, and inspiration she draws from nature. Her students appreciate the originality, authenticity, and clarity of heart she brings to the mat.

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