Source Yoga and our staff value

gratitude, respect, compassion, and trust. 

You can expect your teachers to uphold these values in a professional manner, attending to your individual needs and offering guidance through skillful instruction. They bring many years of experience, training, and heart to their teaching.

Erin Joosse - owner, co-founder, and studio director

Through Source Yoga, Erin has found  the expression of her life’s passion and mission. She began her exploration of mindfulness in high school when she experienced walking meditation in a class called “Eastern Thought.” Having a profound experience of feeling connected and whole, she began an earnest study of yoga and meditation that led her to her teaching path.

Certified to teach yoga in 2000, she began to teach full time, and began to explore yoga as a path to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She teaches mindful yoga, which is a yoga class which incorporates mindfulness practice and meditation. In Erin’s class, you will focus on alignment and breath, as well as awareness of your mind and emotions as you move through your yoga practice. In Mindful Yoga, each posture or each flow between postures becomes a meditation. It is a physical practice, but embodies the wholeness of your being.

Erin is enrolled in the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute at UC San Diego, and is a Qualified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She teaches Mindful Yoga, Meditation, and MBSR. Erin creates the vision and direction of Source Yoga, mentors teachers, and oversees the yoga and mindfulness programming at the Source Yoga studios.

Shari Larson, studio manager

Shari came to yoga to deal with headaches and pain related to whiplash injuries sustained as a teenager.  She found that yoga not only helped with the pain but also made her a much nicer and balanced person.  She believes that if we connect with our bodies we can uncover what nourishes and sustains us so we can increase the longevity of our practices. All her classes honor individuality and the fact that there is no one way to do a posture.  Her passion is slower practices that allow time to really explore the body and breath.

In addition to her RYT 200, Shari has completed over 200 hours of additional training in Yin Yoga and a 200hr Kundalini teacher training.  There is always so much more to learn!!

You can also see Shari behind the desk in her role as studio manager where she is committed to supporting students and teachers so they can focus on what they love, YOGA!

Sarah Low, Yoga Advisor

Allison Muir

Allison fell in love with yoga when she realized that what is true for her on the mat is true for her in life.   After 13 years of dedicated practice, she deepened her study of yoga by participating in an Anusara based two year long immersion and teacher training at Seattle Yoga Arts in Seattle, WA.  In November 2013, she received her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certificate and registered with Yoga Alliance.

Inspired by the beauty and grace in life’s rich connections, Allison’s class sequences are crafted around themes connecting asana, pranayama and meditation. Poses flow from one to the other allowing students to explore how practicing with healthy alignment can improve their physical, mental and spiritual experience on and off the mat. Allison is not only passionate about yoga, but also about teaching.  She has taught English for over 15 years and feels there is nothing more fulfilling than teaching what you love. It is with overwhelming gratitude that she teaches yoga.

Bonnie Loghry

When Bonnie attended her first yoga class, after years of increasing pain from scoliosis, she felt as if she had finally come home.  A graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, Advanced Studies Teacher Training Program, she is also a certified Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher, and Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist.

Practicing yoga with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath work, she has been able to successfully manage her own chronic back pain and now focuses her teaching on helping others do the same.

Bonnie has a Master’s degree in public health and is an active a member of the Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Group of the American Public Health Association. She brings enthusiasm, a sense of exploration, and a healthy dose of humor to all her classes.


Christine Hills

Sri Krishnamacharya has said that there is an ocean which lies between atha and iti; the first and last syllables in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Within this ocean there is no haste; simply a natural unfolding unique to each individual.  The traditional teachings of yoga—this ancient art and science that is just as relevant in our lives today as when it first began—is the inspiration for Christine’s personal practice and the reason she continues to share yoga with others.

Christine received her 200-hour certification from Pacific Yoga Teacher Training in 2003.  She is continually grateful for the ability to share what she has gathered from her teachers (and teachers’ teachers….), passing along the lessons of yoga to students of all ages and stages on their own unique path.

Erica Chang

Erica has practiced yoga since 2010 and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Pamela Higley at Samdhana Karana Yoga. She has also completed the Yoga Behind Bars training and volunteered at Remann Hall, teaching yoga and meditation to youth.

With yoga, she has found a melding of the best things in her life: spirit, athleticism, sweat, breath, laughter, community, and rhythm. Her goal as an instructor is to offer a space to explore, allowing others to become curious about what they are capable of as they leave a little stronger, a little softer and a lot more balanced.

Julia Nathe

Julia Nathe received her RYT 200 teacher certification from Three Trees Yoga in 2014.  She has been teaching kid’s yoga around the South Sound since 2014, recently creating and leading a Girls Empowerment Series at Source Yoga in 2017. Julia has been working with children for 10 years. She has worked with the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, YMCA, Source Yoga Family Program and more. She has a passion for working with children and creating safe and sacred space for all children to blossom and grow.


Kate Fontana

Kate has practiced yoga since 2002 and became a certified teacher in 2009. She has trained with Ananda Yoga and Seattle Yoga Arts.

Yoga has helped Kate show up for life.  She enjoys teaching those who are new to or think that they “can’t do” yoga, and loves to provide the quiet space for each individual to hear their inner wisdom.  She also loves music, and you’ll often hear her chant!

Her yoga teaching has been humbling, joyful, and filled with immeasurable growth, for which she is unspeakably grateful.  She is influenced and inspired by all people who work to transform experiences of pain and oppression into gifts of love and service.

Kelly Valenzuela

Kelly Valenzuela became a certified yoga teacher in 2000 through Mount Madonna Institute in Watsonville, CA and a certified Viniyoga teacher through Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, WA in 2012. A self-proclaimed Viniyoga “convert”, Kelly transformed her practice and teaching approach when Viniyoga helped her heal her own chronic injuries and she saw the benefits it could offer her students. In addition to being a long time student of yoga, Kelly has also studied meditation in the Yoga, Buddhist and MBSR traditions and weaves these teachings into her asana classes. Kelly believes yoga and mindfulness provide a beautiful pathway to connect with our bodies, quiet our minds and live in greater alignment with our hearts.


Lindsay Herendeen

As the daughter of a yoga teacher, Lindsay dabbled in elements of yoga until finding her own Vinyasa practice in 2008. Since then, she has deepened both her Vinyasa and Ashtanga practice with her teachers, including Sara Doyle, Frank Mauro, Suzanne Faulkner, and Troy Lucero. In April 2012, Lindsay completed the 200-hour OM Yoga (NYC) Teacher Training at Blue Point Yoga in Durham, North Carolina. She has also completed workshops with David Swenson, Cyndi Lee, and David Nichtern.

Lindsay teaches Vinyasa classes that are physically challenging, energetic, and grounding. She strives to foster the curiosity and confidence of her students through the exploration of backbends, arm balances, and inversions. Lindsay appreciates the centering, holistic benefits that yoga can bring both on and off the mat, and strives to guide her students to understand their own bodies and practice.

Liza Higbee Robinson

Liza’s yoga practice began when she was 19 years old, a college student and long distance runner looking for a counter-activity to help her body with recovery and healing processes. In yoga, she has experienced that, and so much more.  As a beginner, Liza found yoga to be very difficult, often uncomfortable and even painful; yet, she appreciated the ways that yoga challenged her, not just her physical strength and flexibility, but also her mental focus and her emotional response cycle. Yoga gradually transformed Liza from being a person with severe perceived limitations and finite comfort zones to one willing to go out on a limb and move through discomfort in order to learn more about herself, grow and open up. Liza views yoga as a constant unfolding and remembering of who we are, inviting us to peel through and shed layers of insecurity, doubt, shame and fear that we’ve accumulated during our lives. She believes yoga is a healing art, requiring us to show up for ourselves and to be real with ourselves.

In 2013, while living in Spain, she began her first yoga teacher training, only to leave prematurely to move home and support her dad as he fought terminal illness.  She sought out a second teacher training upon her homecoming, and ended up joining one of her very first yoga teachers, Melissa Longfellow in her Power Vinyasa teacher training in Bellingham, WA.  Since completing that training, Liza has taught over 1,000 hours of yoga right here Tacoma, WA, her hometown. Her teaching is informed by Power Vinyasa, Rishikesh Hatha and Anusara Yoga traditions and methodologies, among others. Her classes are originally crafted, energizing, full-body explorations. She aims to get you into your body and aware of your breath, with a mind that is untethered to past and future moments, and open and curious about who you are and what you are capable of right now. She encourages her students to practice from a place of self-honoring at all times.

Lori Ferry

Lori’s yoga journey began just a few years ago and she continues to be beyond amazed by the abundance of study available to anyone who has the passion & courage to explore all that yoga has to offer.   She feels very blessed to guide as a 200RYT Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.   Her passions towards Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga as well as Energy Healing work flows intuitively in her daily life and loves to share this passion with others during her classes. She continues her journey in yoga therapy training, Trauma Release Exercise, MBSR and other healing modalities.  With her own daughter as a military veteran she has deep compassion for supporting our Community-in-Service and feels very privileged to guide individuals on their own journey towards vitality and joy.  Lori joyfully invites you to explore your curiosity in yoga, and is always open to hear your own heart song. “Thank you for allowing me to be your Guide… the light within me bows & salutes the light within you”

Mary Chen-Johnson

On and off the mat, Mary’s devotion to yoga means strength, balance, and flexibility as a continually emerging path, rather than a set goal. Creativity in yoga sequences, sometimes with added dance elements, is one reflection of that philosophy.  Acknowledging each practice as new, accepting changes as renewals, cultivating gratitude and service: these are other elements. Practicing yoga since 2002, undergoing teacher training in Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2006, and teaching as a RYT-200 since 2007, Mary has been guided by teachers including Joseph Le Page, Lilian Le Page, Ellen Shaffer, Joyce Anue, and Michelle Dortignac.  She has specialized training in Unnata Aerial Yoga ®; PranayamaMudras, and Pranic Healing; and Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Asasnas.  She continues to attend additional training when she can.

Megan Holt

Megan’s curiosity of movement and function brought her to her first yoga class in college.  After a long pause she came back to yoga in 2008 while pregnant with her second child and has been a Source Yoga community member ever since.

With a background in competitive swimming and martial arts she is frequently amazed at how challenging yet relaxing and restorative yoga can be.  “Yoga can be so humbling and at the same time so reassuring and self-affirming.”

A recent graduate of Source Yoga’s very first Mindfulness-Based Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program, she has also participated in Source Yoga’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.      She is a firm believer in the benefits of regular meditation and quiet contemplation.

Megan’s wish for her students is to feel more at home in their bodies.  Her classes focus on alignment with breath and meeting students where they are right now, in this moment, wherever that may be.  She is grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Source Yoga community in a whole new way and looks forward to a lifelong journey of learning through yoga.

Melissa Cotter

Melissa sees yoga as an opportunity to step away from noise and clutter of life to return our pure and honest selves. Here, in our practice we pause, turn in, strengthen in body and spirit and connect with community. After years of practice, Melissa completed the YOGAMAZÉ Teacher Training in 2015. She is RYT 200 and Yoga Alliance Certified. Melissa’s enjoys teaching dynamic, alignment based flow classes that both honor and challenge the body, mind and spirit. A classically trained vocalist, Melissa loves to incorporate music, breath and chant to bring depth to her classes.

Melissa Paz

Melissa finds that her yoga practice is a constant unfolding and cultivation of patience, compassion, acceptance, and self-reflection. It provides her the sacred in everyday life and the ability to settle into whatever arises. She believes that through commitment, willingness, and inner wisdom we can all come to know ourselves as graceful, empowered beings living life to its fullest.

Melissa is co-founder of Source Yoga, and has been teaching since 2001, and teaches a fluid hatha yoga class focused on body awareness and the breath as way to stay present.  You will discover on your mat, the sacred and the playful to find freedom and connection to your inner wisdom, and leave her classes feeling nourished, relaxed, and grateful.

She has a BA in Modern Dance and is certified in both Ananda yoga, a gentle spiritual practice, and in 2008 received additional certification from Pacific Yoga in Seattle, WA with instructors, Theresa Elliott, and Kathryn Payne. She is both a Certified Health Coach and a Mastery Transformation Coach and works with both private clients and groups and leads workshops for purpose driven women seeking a healthy relationship with their money, work, and family so that they can live their desired lifestyle and serve from a place of wholeness and ease.  Melissa is deeply grateful to be a mother of two young boys, a wife to a supportive husband and enjoys dancing her heart out whether in a Zumba class, her living room or on a stage.

Nikki Naab-Levy

Nikki Naab-Levy is a Pilates teacher and massage therapist with 10+ years’ experience helping people who struggle with injury, get fit with less pain. Her clients have included professional athletes, grandmothers in their 90’s and everyone in between.

Her fitness wisdom has been featured in the Seattle Times, Men’s Fitness, and Girls Gone Strong. When she’s not teaching a sneaky hard Pilates workout, you can find her hiking with her corgi, podcasting, and chain-drinking cups of coffee.

Rebecca Ray

Rebecca came to yoga as an avid runner searching for ways to keep her body flexible, strong and injury free. But, what she discovered was a process for unfolding and connecting with her true Self.
Her training includes the 200-hour Teacher Training at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle in 2009, the Advanced 500-hour Certification program at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2016 and an Advanced 500-hour Certification in Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga with her main teacher Jason Crandell in 2016.  She is a E-RYT 200, RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance.
Rebecca’s passion is creative and intelligent sequencing that emphasizes proper alignment and integrated breath work. In her classes, you will find flowing sequences – like Sun Salutations – that build warmth in the body and help connect you with the breath, combined with static postures and longer holds to build strength and increase flexibility. During class, you’ll receive clear and descriptive instructions along with hands-on adjustments to help you refine and advance your practice. Take a class from Rebecca and you will leave feeling grounded, revitalized and more able to connect with the stillness inside yourself on and off the mat. Classes are safe for newer students while still be challenging for more experienced yogis allowing everyone to experience the benefits of yoga in their own bodies and minds.

Sona Buchanan

Sona was born in Australia to Indian parents and moved to the US at age 5.  Her home life emphasized the deeper philosophical teachings and practices of yoga, but it wasn’t until 2004 that she began a regular yoga practice to balance the vigor of being a college dancer. After years of achieving and striving, yoga offered an invitation to slow down, become present, and align with the flow of divine intelligence.

Sona gratefully attained her RYT-200 teaching certification in 2009 and is currently working towards her RYT-500. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with over 1,500 hours of teaching experience.  She is certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and the trauma-focused Yoga Warrior method.  Sona also holds a dual B.A. from New York University in Psychology and Anthropology. Concurrently, Sona’s passion for the healing arts guided her to Thai Yoga and Qi Healing over a decade ago.  In 2014 she crafted a blend of these complimentary modalities named Integrative Thai Yoga. Sona currently offers Integrative Thai Yoga in private sessions, workshops, and Community Bodywork clinics.

Her yoga classes range from challenging, playful and dynamic to fluid and restorative but ultimately weave together exploration and self-study. Sona’s teaching practice is about holding space and encouraging people to a deeper knowing and acceptance of all parts of themselves and in doing so, guiding them to a higher capacity for love in the world.

Tabitha Mattson

After 2 previous tries with yoga in my teens and twenties, 3rd time was a charm when I came back to yoga in 2008.  This time I came to yoga looking for a different way to relieve and manage stress.  What I remember so distinctly from my first class is how quiet my mind was and how wonderful my body felt.  Since then I’ve been hooked!  My fascination with and respect for the tradition of yoga has only grown.  It has given me a different way of approaching myself and life. In January 2014, I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Three Trees Yoga.  My classes combine a focus of proper alignment and breath awareness to train the mind to be present; while not forgetting the joy and fun that goes along with a well-rounded yoga practice.  I encourage students to listen to and honor their bodies. My hope is to help students experience the peace that can seem so elusive and empower them to bring what they learn on the mat into their daily lives.

Tiffany Speir

Tiffany Speir is a dancer and musician who fell in love with yoga in 2004.

She has been teaching yoga for 14 years and is certified by the Yoga Alliance at the 200-E-RYT/500 RYT level. Tiffany studies with Stephanie Adams and Adi Vajra of Jaya Yoga, and teaches technique focused on empowering individualized practice that lets students maximize their physical potential while minimizing risk of injury.  In addition to asana flow, Tiffany incorporates breath technique and yoga nidra into practices to provide a well-rounded experience that helps increase self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Namaste.