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Our two neighborhood studios are warm and welcoming with a non-intimidating and supportive environment.  At Source Yoga, we provide a space where you can learn to simply be, accept yourself, and connect with your innate wisdom. We welcome students who are brand new to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 

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Thank you Source Yoga for nurturing my body, feeding my soul, and allowing a safe place for practice. You have taught me to trust in the process of community for many things. I am grateful that you have come into my life.

Peggy L.

New to Yoga?

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Why I Don’t Love Savasana

I have a confession to make. I don’t love Savasana. I know. Shocking. I think it’s the whole idea that I am “supposed to” let go. Sit in meditation and watch my thoughts arise, linger, and pass through? Sure. But lie there at the end of a yoga practice and just…let go? No thank you. I mean, I know how to lie there and not fidget. I know how to be still and watch the busyness of my mind. I have been practicing yoga for a long time. I have lain through hundreds, if not thousands, of Savasanas at the end of yoga classes. But I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have had a truly/no kidding/melt into the floor/completely let go kind of Savasana. I have come to accept this about myself. And I have started speaking to it in my classes, because I guarantee that if I am having that experience, some of my students are too. And they could be doing what I have done for years, which is, pretend to like Savasana. And feel guilty (or like a bad yogi) for not. Many of us are drawn to yoga practice because an embodied practice – moving and breathing together, practicing and cultivating awareness through the movements of our bodies – makes it easier to let the mind quiet. Sometimes moving mindfully is just what we need to let our thoughts settle down for a time. And sometimes, after a movement practice, we feel more connected, whole, integrated, our breath easier, our mind able to settle into stillness more easily, and... read more

Giving as a part of Spiritual Practice

From the beginning of Source Yoga, I have had a strong desire to use the platform of our business to make a difference. Of course I know that yoga in itself makes a difference in the bodies, minds, and hearts of those that practice. But I also have always known that I wanted to expand that beyond the confines of the studios and into the greater community around us.

A couple of years ago, I was looking at how I wanted Source Yoga to give to our larger community. From our very first year in business, we offered Thanksgiving donation classes, giving the proceeds to local service organizations, and donated regularly to many local schools and other non-profits. We have offered scholarships for workshops and events provided by our “Source Yoga Scholarship Fund,” but I kept asking myself, “How can we continue to make an even bigger difference?”

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